Friday, February 1, 2008

Blogging on the Road . . . the Laptop Case's First Trip

I took an impromptu trip up to Saratoga Springs yesterday to visit my daughter at college. I had a great drive up (which is good, because it is a 5 1/2 hour drive). The day was brilliant -- pure sunshine and blue, blue skies. I love to drive and enjoyed my Volvo's comfortable seats (with fanny warmers!) as well as the fabulous view of Manhattan from the Throgs Neck Bridge and the bluffs of the Hudson River above and below the Tappan Zee Bridge.

The Catskill Mountains rise up to the west just north of New York City, and farther up, above Albany, you can see the beginning of the Adirondacks. Pete and I spent a lot of time there on Tupper Lake in our younger days. Pete's cousins have an old cabin there, built by their grandfather -- no heat, minimal electric, an outhouse and you can only get to it by boat. It is a beautiful place, but I don't do rustic well anymore.

I'm staying at the Saratoga Hotel and Conference Center. We stay here everytime we come for parents' weekend. I love staying in good hotels. I love the anonimity of them -- bed and breakfasts make me crazy. (I don't want to talk to anyone over my morning coffee.) I've got wi-fi, a down comforter and pillows, and room service if I need it. I can walk all over Saratoga's great little downtown.

I love the clean look of the room -- no polyester frou frou floral bedspreads -- and so much space. I feel like I'm on vacation. (See my laptop case on the bed?)

The main street -- Broadway -- that leads up to Skidmore College is lined with beautiful Victorian homes. I would love to see inside them. (I took these pics back in October -- that's why the grass is green, instead of being covered by snow.)

Okay -- I am off to fill my daughter's gas tank and refrigerator before I head for home. The weathermen are predicting a rain and ice storm up here, so I will have to get on the road soon.

Happy February, Everyone!


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