Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet September

We said goodbye to summer last night. Clara packed her car and headed off for Saratoga Springs and her senior year at Skidmore. I made our favorite summer meal: Tomato Cobbler with cherry tomatoes fresh picked in the back yard and a big green salad. As we ate, Pete and I watched the sun sink in the west, the clouds glowing pink and gold against the sky. We heard music floating across the harbor from the park, so we hopped on our bikes and headed into town. We listened to the last concert of the season and watched our friends and neighbors dance on the boardwalk as the moon rose over Peconic Bay. The lights of the carousel twinkled and turned and the ferry crossed back and forth to Shelter Island. Autumn was in the air: in the cool breeze and the approaching responsibilities of work and school and real life. It was magical, a moment out of a movie, nostalgic and wistful and sweet.

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