Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Table

So here's the new table made from old wood. It is not a finely made piece of furniture, but we were attracted to the pencil legs and the different boards used on the top. We are not very fancy people in general, and we were on a budget. This table was pretty inexpensive -- less than the IKEA table we tried. It measures 37 inches across, a little wider than the fellow said it was and a little wider than I wanted. Our dining room is not very wide. We may remove the rug to see if it makes the room a little airier feeling. We are used to the room being empty -- it is weird to have something so big in it. We'll be able to seat lots of friends and family at Thanksgiving -- if we can find some chairs by then . . . . I don't know how interior designers do their jobs. I get so tired of searching for stuff and making decisions.

I came down with a cold this weekend -- a parting gift from my darling daughter -- so I have been pretty lazy the last day or so. I did hook up these little coasters. I wanted them to look like wood block prints and I think I succeeded. They are simple and rough and I love the brightly colored wool (all dyed by my sister Barb of thimblefolk.)

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susanB said...

The Table looks great! And so do your coasters!