Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun at Fairfield

Barb and I had a great time at the 50th Annual Fairfield Rug Show on Saturday.  I drove up on Friday and unloaded most of our set up that night, which meant we had a pretty stress free time of it on Saturday morning.  Unloading and setting up in just 2 hours is difficult under the best of circumstances.

We were pleased to see lots of familiar faces and to meet many new ruggers.  Despite the poor economy, we matched our sales of last year -- not a small feat these days.  I am always amazed when people tell me they read my blog.  I wish you guys would comment once in a while so I would know I wasn't talking to myself!  Yes -- that means you, Shirley, who took a picture of your shoes, and your friend Fran with the fabulous Saratoga Springs rug!  (If you are reading this I loved talking to you and will fill your order this week!)

Pat and Darlene, the two sisters who run the show, put us in the same room as last year.  We really like this room -- we can spread out quite nicely.  (That's part of our booth in the first photo.) Nancy of Fluff and Peachy Bean was our across-the-hall neighbor.  I love Nancy's whimsical designs and fanciful color choices.

Jeanine and Karen from Two Old Crows and The Blue Tulip occupied the room to our left with Seaside Rug Hooking from Maine.  (The woman from Seaside forgot her tablecloths and ran to the closest store for a substitute.  She found beach towels -- pretty clever, I thought.)

Big news from Jeanine and Karen.  They have teamed up to create American Color Woolens, milling wool of their own design.  I got to see and touch their samples and am looking forward to placing an order once the shipment arrives.  Contact them here to learn more.

That's Loretta Scena's booth in the picture above, along with the four rugs I entered in the show.  Loretta was part of the discussion panel, along with Michele Micarelli and Vivily Powers.

I'm very happy to report that this was not the last year this show will occur.  Darlene is retiring, but her sister Pat seems to be willing to carry on.  It is hard work to put on the show, and I give the sisters and the Fairfield Grace Church a lot of credit.  All of the money they make on the show goes to a selection of woman's charities.  Pat is looking for a speaker for next year's show, so if you would like to participate or know of a great speaker, please let her know.

Here's the link to an article about the show from a Connecticut paper.  be sure to watch the slide show -- there are some great photos! Click here.

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A Little Bunny said...

hi! i just started reading your blog - i think i searched for standing wool rugs a while back - but, i thought i would chime in and say hello. i am new to rug making and have so many ideas and find myself lusting after wool : ) thanks for the inspiration!