Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Just Sold a Rug for $5000!

Not.  April Fools!

I'm actually doing some spring cleaning today, getting ready for the Fairfield rug show on April 17, and waiting for the sun to come out.  I'm also trying to not eat the Easter candy I bought for Pete's basket.
Yesterday, I looked at all the strips of leftover wool I've collected during the twenty years I've been hooking.  Way back when I would buy whatever wool I found at thrift shops and yard sales.  I've made many hit and miss mats and used bits of various already cut colors here and there, but the strips seem to spontaneously generate when the lights are off.  I have them in baskets and the wool dust sifts through the sides and makes a mess.  I hate mess.  I hate cleaning up mess.  So I sorted through them a bit by color and I am throwing the rest -- a whole garbage bag full -- away.  What a liberating feeling to get the knotted, dusty mess out of my work space.  I'm sorting the remaining strips by color and placing them in their own clear boxes that will sit neatly on a shelf.

Of course, I'll start a new rug soon, cut more wool than I need, and the pile of strips will grow and multiply and turn into a knotted mess and I'll have to clean it up again.  I guess I can manage cleaning ever twenty years or so . . .


Orange Sink said...

Hi Sarah,
Leave a few stips out for the birds to use for their nests. They love them! Cathy G

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

Gasp! And here I am trying to scrounge together enough wool to hook something in a month or so, lol! For some reason I can't find wool clothing in our local thrift stores ~ not even during last winter.

Hope you are doing well Sarah!
xoxo :)

Suzanne said...

Your rugs SHOULD go for $5000! Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!