Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Angora Yarn

Long ago and far away, Clara and I bought a beautiful French Angora bunny.  He was a tiny little thing, mostly tawny fur and a twitchy little nose.  I rationalized bringing him home from the country fair by claiming I was going to learn to spin and  turn his fur into luxurious, soft yarn to knit and hook with.  Not.  Ash lived a long life before heading to the Great Rabbit Hutch in the Sky and I never learned to spin and didn't save an ounce of his fur.

 So I was thrilled to find Bay Haven Angoras at the fair at Longwood on Saturday.  I was so thrilled I forgot to take photographs of pure white four month old Cotton and her two gray brothers.  But I bought two skeins of the most gorgeous, softer-than-cashmere yarn.  I'm not sure what I will make with it -- hook an Angora bunny? Or keep it on my desk to fondle on a daily basis?  It is just lovely stuff and I am happy to have it.

Lisa, who owns Bay Haven Angoras, spun the yarn herself.  She doesn't have a website, but she does have an email address, so if you're interested in buying a bunny or some yarn, you can contact her here: lgk19@hotmail.com.

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