Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Find of the Week

Pete and I had dinner with some antique pickers last week.  They were holding an estate sale on Saturday and said the house was chock full of stuff.  I believe the owner was an antique dealer at one time.  I think the entire town of Southold and then some were there -- we had a difficult time parking and had to walk a long way.  We are actually downsizing our lives these days, as opposed to acquiring new stuff, but we  had to go and look.  The first thing I saw when we finally got into the house was this sweet little Cheticamp table mat with the label still attached.  It was hooked by Mrs. Willie H. Deveaux and I'd say it was hooked in the 1950s.  Pete waited in line to pay while I continued to look through the house.  I told him not to spend more than $20 on it, figuring it is worth about $40 in an antique shop.  They only charged him $1!  I was mighty pleased about that.  I'm going to hang it with my collection after it spends some time in the freezer (to kill off any possible moth larva).


Rugs and Pugs said...

Sarah ~
That may be your find of the month or even year. Very nice!!!
Pug hugs :)

susan said...

Love the freezer idea.

Lisa said...

hello, I just love the wealth of ideas that I recieve from all the blogs that I read. I was happy to hear the freezer idea.
I also am curious about the picture in your blog header. It looks like you have cut up a sweater to use for rug hooking. If you have any time to tell me more I would appreciate it. I am just starting the "hooking" process. I am really loving it. I am excited about a few new ways to bind rugs that I saw wed. in a store that sell rugs. I got so excited to start a new project but I need to finish my fall project first. Oh well, I am just rambling now. Thanks for your time. Lisa

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Hi Lisa: That is not a sweater in my blog banner, it is a piece of antique paisley. Back in the mid to late 1800s people made rugs out of recycled wool -- old clothes primarily. Wool paisleys were all the rage, and when they wore out, they were used in hooked rugs. They add a real sparkle to a mat.

Antique paisleys cost a fortune now, and a whole one should NEVER be cut up to hook with. I bought a scrap at an antique store to hook with.

You can find more information on hooking with paisley in past issues of Rug Hooking Magazine. You can also contact Cynthia Norwood who is an expert on the subject and sells paisley for hooking.

Thanks for stopping by.