Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back Home Again

Another Fine American Craftsman Show has come and gone.  Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent snowstorm put  a damper on things this year, but we still managed to do pretty well.

I was proud of our booth this year --  I think it looked stunning with the rickracked oval in the center showcasing my snowflakes, which are hooked and needlepunched.  I sold my Whale of Tale rug -- I knew it would go this weekend -- and several mats.  It is really wonderful when someone buys a rug.  To  know they they love it enough to pay for it is a thrill.

Barb is still cleaning up from Sandy.  She's thankful to have electricity back, but still doesn't know if her washer and dryer survived.  when I left for home Monday morning, her neighbor, whose house is right across the street from Long Island Sound, was shoveling bucket loads of sand off his front lawn.  So much damage.  Its heartbreaking.


One more show this year:  The Country Parlor Holiday Home Sale at the Naugles Barn at Hallockville Museum Farm in Riverhead, New York.  It takes place the three days after Thanksgiving.  I'll post details soon.

Today is Pete's birthday, so we are heading out to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall.  I made a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and a chocolate pecan glaze -- very decadent!  Happy Birthday, Hon.

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Julia said...

I'm glad that you sold your beautiful Whale of a Tale rug and that you did well despite all the calamities that just happened before the show... It's nice to be affirmed in such a way.
Your booth does look great.