Friday, November 2, 2012


We are very lucky to have weathered the storm so easily.  I am so thankful for that, but, boy, am I out of sorts.  Can't seem to focus and by bed time I am so exhausted I can hardly see straight.  I've decided that today is the day I will get back into a work routine or die trying.

Barb is back at home and has made inroads into the mess Sandy made of her house.  She is still without heat and electricity. Her landlord has a generator that he runs until 9 at night, which allows her to have her refrigerator and a light or two.  Her neighborhood was really hit hard.

Our friend Dennis hasn't had heat, water or electric since the storm so he is staying with us for a few days.  Four days without a shower convinced him to take us up on our offer. of shelter.  It's fun to have him here.

Although Barb and I will not be at the New England FIber Festival this weekend, we will be at the Wilton Historical Society's Fine American Craftsman Show November 10 & 11.  Hope to see you there.


Kim said...

Such a terrible storm. We were lucky and only got a bit of rain but watching the news reports is heart breaking.
So nice of you to take in a friend while people get their lives back in order.

Julia said...

Hi Sarah, I'm sorry that you all have been so inconvenienced by the storm. I'm so glad that you are OK.

It's kind of you to help a neighbour in his time of needs. I hope that everyone soon will have clean water and electricity and that their lives returns to as normal as possible.

Next year, your show will be bigger and better and Sandy will be only a memory.
Hope that you get some rest. It has been a hard week for you.


acorn hollow said...

It is so hard to hear the stories of the storm. we were with out power for 38 hours but really nothing compaired to other.