Friday, November 30, 2012

Pile O' Pendletons

I don't do much thrift store shopping anymore, but I was antsy this morning and decided it was time to step away from the computer and get outside. Although my intention was to head to Agway to get some narcissus bulbs to force, I pulled into the Parish Outreach Thrift Store just to take a gander.  I picked up a bud vase and three Pendleton skirts. Feeling lucky, I stopped in at the Eastern Long Island Hospital Op Shop and took a look around -- more Pendleton skirts!  Plus a Ted Lapidus skirt -- fancy French designer wool -- that I probably won't hook with, but will use for something else.  For less than $20 I came away with 8 skirts and tons of yardage.  Score!  Some people say that Pendleton wool is to0 thin to hook with, but I say they're crazy.  I LOVE Pendleton wool -- as is, over-dyed, inside out -- it is great fabric.  Of course, they went right into the washer when I arrived home -- don't want any little flying critters in my stash.


Julia said...

Wow Sarah, I can't believe how lucky you got. Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket.
It took me ages to find a nice Pendleton skirt. As luck would have it , I found one this week and I thought that I was very lucky. I paid $6.77 with tax included for mine.

It's always nice adding to the wool stash.
Have a great weekend.


acorn hollow said...

Great stash! You were surely meant to go out and get those.

Unknown said...

Nice score!