Thursday, January 17, 2013

One of Those Weeks . . .

The weather has been gray and gloomy forever, or so it seems.  I've been having a hard time waking up and getting up . . .   the down comforter is just so cozy on cold mornings.  On Tuesday I did not even peek at the clock until 8 am!  Horrors!  It seemed like half the day was gone!  Pete was already on his way to an appraisal, so I made myself a single cup of coffee using a plastic Melitta cone and promptly spilled the hot grounds down my front and all over the kitchen floor.  What a mess.

Then I went to the dentist.  I bit on something just before Christmas and had a sharp pain in a tooth that has a root canal, but it went away.  Last Saturday, however, my gum became inflamed.  After a humungous shot of Novocain and some scraping and cleaning, the dentist came to the conclusion that the root canal tooth may have a crack in it.  Although he is being conservative -- we are going to baby it along -- he is pretty sure I am going to need a bridge or an implant.  I'm trying not to anticipate the pain or the cost . . . 

This came on the heels of taking Cairo to the vet because he cried in pain every time I touched his front left leg.  Of course, the vet could not get him to even wince -- he clenched his entire body into a knot and refused to do anything except snarl at her.  After three days of pain medication and me carrying him up and down the stairs he is doing much better.  Of course, it was all my fault, because I made him take a two mile walk on Friday, thinking it would be good for both of us.  Not.

Things continue to look up -- my tooth feels fine, and I saw the sun briefly around 6:45 this morning.  That means the sun is still there (I was doubting that for awhile),the days are getting longer, and I am no longer lollygagging under the covers every day.  Our guild is having their holiday party in a few days.  There will be hooking and feasting and a wool swap and lots to catch up on, since we haven't met since November.  Things could definitely be worse . . . 

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Julia said...

Hi Sarah, I'm so looking forward to spring even though there's always threats of flooding every year.
I'm always so cold and I have the heat up in the house, even higher than usual and still I'm cold to the bone.
I wonder if it's my thyroid. It wouldn't surprise me. My mother had a thyroid problem too.

My husband had the same problem with one of his front tooth. He chipped it and got it fixed so many times and finally it broke off and now he's missing one of his front tooth. Hope that your tooth will heal.
Thanks for your comment about my Childhood Memories rug. I worked on it a wee bit last evening. I hooked the mud puddle for my pig with the wool I had on hand.

Take care and happy hooking.