Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas TIme is Marching In . . .

I have two shows left this year, and I am burning the midnight oil to get stuff finished for them.  My studio is a vile mess and is starting to make my nerves jangle, so I think tomorrow morning I will spend an hour or so cleaning -- so I can mess it up again!
I am fueling myself with cups of coffee and lots of Christmas carols.  I've been daydreaming about having a scone with my morning coffee, but I am not going there.  With impending pumpkin pie, I am curtailing my sweet tooth.
I have had fun the last day or so making little needle punched figures and mounting them on vintage Christmas tree bobbins.  They make me smile.  I think they look like a little army of Christmas critters.  (I just taught myself how to watermark photographs, since so many get pinned on Pinterest.  Not that anyone would want these awful phone photos, but its a good skill to know.)

I've got to get back to work!  Time to turn on Holiday Sing Along with Mitch Miller.


Julia said...

Hi Sarah, those little spool Christmas figure are awesome. No wonder they bring a smile on your face.
Your hard work will pay off. I wish you good sales.

I'm like you, when my studio gets real messy, I can't work as efficiently and I have to tidy up. Everything gets buried under pile of wool worms, etc.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my blog. I always love your comments.

Julia said...

My memory is so short... I knew that there was something else I wanted to say ... about watermarks,
I discovered how to make them quite by accident.
It took me a while to master how to go about it on my MacBook Pro.


RETA said...

What a wonderful BlogSpot! Your spools are darling!


Gayle said...

Too cute! I've been trying to attach a hooked piece to a spool or candlestick, but am having a heckuva time. Can you share any pointers on how you attached yours? Thanks!