Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Stuff to Know

It is a glittering, golden morning here in Greenport today.  I love these fall days, but I am not liking the long, dark nights.

There is some good news for rug hookers, and I am late in posting about it.  But, as you all probably know by now, better late than never is my motto.

Up first:  Wanda Kerr has acquired Magik Carpet Dyes.  These are food grade dyes, supposedly a much healthier product than other dyes.  You can find Wanda and the dyes at Wandaworks.  She is also the owner/moderator of The Welcome Mat and writes Rug Hooking Magazine's dye column.

Second:  Heavens to Betsy has acquired George Kahnle's (Hooked on the Creek) wonderful and whimsical rug hooking patterns.  (Sadly, George passed away a little while ago.)  It is great that George's great talent will be available to rug hookers again.

Third: The Fiber Festival of New England is this coming weekend, November 1 & 2, at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  Barb and I will be there, with loads of new stuff.  Please come and see us in booth 457 East.


Julia said...

You are full of good news this morning. I know someone was asking where they could get Magic Carpet dyes. Now I'll be able to tell them. I use Cushing and I have quite a good stash but I still could use some black and a few of my favorite primary colors.

Have a great productive day and stay warm. It's cold and windy here. We can use the wind to dry things off. It's been raining for days.


Saundra said...

Very interesting news indeed. I'll have to write Betsy and congratulate her.