Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Post Fiber Festival of New England

Barb and I hit the ground running after getting home from Rhinebeck two weeks ago.  It was difficult to replenish our stock for the Fiber Festival of New England.  We were dyeing wool and drawing patterns and stitching away like crazy. I managed to get a small round Santa mat hooked and finished the picot edging just in time for the opening of the show on Saturday morning.  Here he is without his edging.  The quills in his beard are not as dark as they look in the photo.

I neglected to take photos of our booth, but you guys have seen it a hundred times before.  I did take some pics of Wool and Dye Work's booth down the row from us.  I love how they hang their swatches and how they hook up the wool they sell so you can see what it will look like in your rug.  They are a nice group of women -- Linda, Diane, Janet, Judy and Margot.  I think that's all of them.  They have a shop in Florence, Massachusetts and will have one of their designs in Rug Hooking Magazine in a month or two.  

And I can't leave without posting photos of two new friends, Belle Star and her sister Viola.

Belle Star
They are Nigerian Dwarf goats incredibly friendly and loving and smart.  They were for sale -- $500 for the pair and they had to go together, because goats do not like to be alone.  I would have bought them if my village allowed livestock.

Now  am off to prepare to teach a class on hooking snowmen on Saturday.  I'm still running as fast as I can.


Julia said...

Oh my, Sarah, I'm getting out of breath reading how busy your are at this time of year.

Your Santa is adorable with his quill beard and those little goats are even more adorable. What a silly law to now allow these cute animals in your village.

I got 4 new calves in 4 days and more to come so I've been busy too, too busy to even trace my pattern on the backing as I use a sunlit window to trace my pattern. Maybe tomorrow I will have the time. I think that I should built me a light box so I could trace at night. It gets dark so early.

Thanks for posting those photos. I like the hooked samples too, a great idea...


Malenadu said...

Nice Informative and Very good Pictures

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah - I do see the bird tiles as a rug. ;-D Some years ago a quilter made some quilts of tile floors like those and they were spectacular. She even did well with the luscious colors.
Wish I lived closer to you so we could hook together and inspire each other. There is a group trying to get a hooking guild/group together here, but it's an odd bunch. I may just head up to Asheville and join their (established) group.
Love the Santa! I need to hook one someday...