Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow and more Snow

I woke at 5 and listened to the wind blow and the muffled sounds of the snow plow driving by. We have a LOT of snow, maybe 20 inches by now.  I went out in my pajamas and boots to shovel a spot for poor little Cairo whose legs are only 6 inches long.  I couldn't get the back door open, and the side steps had a four foot drift in front of them.  I came back inside, had my coffee and breakfast and went back out to shovel for 40 minutes.  Then Pete took over.  He's been out for a couple of hours, with a hot coffee break in between.  We want to get it as cleaned up as possible because the temperature is supposed to drop drastically and it is much harder to shovel icy snow than the fluffy stuff we have right now.

I'm not whining -- I actually love a good storm and I like to shovel -- and I know that Buffalo and International Falls and a whole bunch of other places deal with this amount of snow all the time.  But it is a pretty remarkable snowfall for the rather temperate eastern end of Long Island.

It is supposed snow for the rest of the day.  We may hit 30 inches!  I will be shoveling again today!  Then I'll sit at my frame and hook!


Linda said...

Stay safe and warm. Lovely photo.

Rugs and Pugs said...

That's a LOT of snow.
Stay warm and safe.
Hugs :)

Saundra said...

That is a lot of snow and had two years of similar measurements and I was the only one shoveling. I hate snow. Actually, perhaps it would be appreciated more if there was someone else who did the shoveling for me.

Julia said...

I've been shovelling too. I don't mind the snow, but it's the cold wind and the snowdrifts that I don't like.

You got more snow than we did but some places have had a lot more.

Hopefully the power will stay on and you'll keep warm.
Happy hooking Sarah.

Gayle said...

I like to shovel too and enjoy the peaceful hush of the world before the neighbors and their snow blowers get fired up. Sadly, here in Utah we are still hoping for snow this winter - envy you your storm.....