Friday, January 30, 2015

Yet Again

More snow this morning.  I was out early (6 am) to pick up a friend who needed a ride.  I was driving near Mill Creek at dawn and there -- smack in the middle of the road standing tall on the yellow line -- was a Great Blue Heron.  He was so majestic.  I am praying that he flew away and did not get hit . . . Apparently they don't always migrate south, especially here where it is pretty temperate.  He made the wrong decision to stay here this year, lol.

I am prepping for a repeat of my Key to My Heart needle punch class at Farmhouse Quilt Company tomorrow.  How I love teaching there!  Such a great space, and such great people to spend time with.


Julia said...

Hi Sarah, I hope that beautiful long legged bird makes it through the winter OK, there's is still some nasty weather that could come along. i wonder if it can find enough food to eat, poor thing.

We're having snow also this evening and another storm on the way for tomorrow. At least it's mild this evening.

It's so rewarding to have such good response to your lovely heart pattern. It's just beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend.

Saundra said...

Beautiful lacy hooked heart. Yeah, getting cold here tonight also. Wishing you a happy and warm weekend.

Lisa said...

This is beautiful! I just bought a pattern a few weeks ago in hopes of learning how to do this.

Maggie said...

Love your beautiful heart. Have a wonderful weekend