Friday, February 22, 2008


We are in the middle of what will probably be the only real snow storm we get this year. It is lovely - so soft and quiet. I think we are up to 5 inches (a lot for us here on the eastern end of Long Island), more than was expected. Poor Cairo is up to his armpits, but he loves running around in it.

I always loved snow days when Clara was little -- hot cocoa, arts & crafts, cozy blankets on the couch in front of The Brave Little Toaster (our favorite kids movie). So today I'm going to treat myself to a snow day. Pete is off skiing in the Sierras with his brother Clem, who lives in Nevada, and Clara is away at school, so I can do anything I want! And I want to hook my little heart out today while watching a good movie.

Enjoy your day! I plan to!


Sylvia Anderson said...

I hope your snow day was nice and relaxing! :) I am having a rain day today here in California!

Lana said...

I love it Sarah! Some day I want to drop by and see your beautiful area (& you & Barb!).... some day, if I ever get to go on my New England trip!