Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sock Progress!

I have made some progress on my sock this week. I did something screwy the week before last (or thought I did)so Christine took my sock to the sock doctor - a friend of hers with loads of sock knitting experience. Turns out I did things just right. So I am in the last stretch. I'll soon be dealing with the toe, then I'll start again and try to knit a matching mate to this sock.

Can someone please tell me what I was thinking when I posted that photo of the Valentine candy? What a hideous picture! My apologies to Ann and Paula -- the table really looked lovely and my picture does not!


Sylvia Anderson said...

It's looking great Sarah! :)

Bluejean Primitives said...

Will you please hurry with the socks, my feet are getting cold!


Sarah, stop by my blog... something there for you XOX


susanB said...

Sock conqueror!!! Lookin' good---number 2 isn't nearly as traumatic, if you can remember what you did on number 1!