Tuesday, February 5, 2008

susanbmade & lavender trifles

Here is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day:

This lovely silk and hand-embroidered lavender sachet was made by my friend Susan Borger, a fiber fanatic. She makes amazing things from chenille, knits like crazy, and creates these lavender sachets using vintage buttons, unusual ribbons and creative embroidery stitches.

Susan recently started a blog and an etsy shop, so her beautiful and meticulously made creations are available worldwide now! You can visit her blog here and her etsy shop here.

Susan shares a spot with Barb and me at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival each October (October 18th & 19th this year!). We are also Kaffee Klatch buddies -- we meet for coffee several times a month to discuss fiber and our families. (Susan lives on the shore of the Peconic River with her husband Dennis and their 2 children -- Archie the dachshund and Louie the chocolate lab mix.)

That reminds me -- one of my rug hooking UFOs is Susan's Christmas present . . . from Christmas 2006 -- isn't that shameful? It is a small hooked portrait of her dogs . . . Perhaps that should be the next UFO I finish . . .


susanB said...

What a nice post! You're the best Koffee Klatch pal! Thank you for featuring one of my perfect-for- Valentine's day sachets and for the lengthy promo.

Now I'm caught up on the Saratoga trip too---like the hotel(!!) and the eating bits. Makes me want to drive off this island...

Thanks so much...now I know I have to keep a closer eye on your blogging activities!

Michelle said...

Susan's work is incredible!! Thanks for sharing!!!

ps. I want to meet with you both for coffee! :0)


Lana said...

Wow Sarah! Susan's handmade items are beautiful! I use lots of colorful silks in my embroidered pieces so I am particularly drawn to her work. Thanks for sharing your friend with us.