Monday, August 29, 2011

Safe and Sound

Our blustery weekend visitor, Irene, has departed, leaving us without power and with a yard full of debris, but everyone is okay. Our utility pole needs to be replaced before we can be hooked up to the electric again, but that should happen pretty soon. Our little village has it's own electric crew, so we are not dependent on the big power companies and repairs happen fairly quickly. We still aren't hooked up to cable, so I am dependent on my trusty iPhone still for posting here.

Jane and John, our next door neighbors, have power and have graciously run a heavy duty cord over to us to keep our fridge and freezer working. We have been using headlamps in the evening to read and rug hook. We even had hot water left to clean up with this morning. So all in all we have faired quite well. My sister Barb had a harrowing day in Connecticut, but I'll let her tell that story once she gets her power and computer back on line. She is okay, too, just exhausted from the pre-storm prep and her emergency evacuation.

We had an ice cream party with the neighbors yesterday. It was melting and we either had to eat it all or throw it away. So that's our new pithy saying around here: When life gives you hurricanes, eat ice cream!


Orange Sink said...

It's so good to see your post and know you are okay!!
Those headlamps really come in handy..... we used to use them for camping when we did such things! LoL!
Hang tough through the clean-up! I hope things settle down for you folks real soon! Sorry to hear Barb had a rough time of it...... hope she gets through the aftermath okay too!
Cathy G

Julia said...

I glad that you are Ok and that things are slowly returning to normal with your community. I was reading a blog about the town of Rochester Vermont are cut off from the rest of the world and the roads are washed out and no one can get through to repair the power.

Eating ice cream sounds like a neighborly thing to do at a time like this. I can relate to your situation as we've been badly flooded and cut of from the main road and had no power for 8 days.

I hope that things will return to normal soon. JB