Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sweet Summer

 The last few days have been glorious: sunny, blue skies, dry air, cool breeze.  We celebrated our neighbor's daughter's engagement under the stars on Saturday.  Sunday we canoed across Hallock's Bay and went clamming and swimming.  Clara came home for a visit and she and I cooked up a storm.  We made clam chowder while Pete shucked the little necks for eating on the half shell, then processed tomatoes for the winter with his new Squeezo, a wonderful machine that separates the seeds and skin from the pulp.  Then we made fried chick and a cucumber salad.  I picked zinnias and cosmos and put them in a turquoise pitcher.  All the colors make me happy.

Today, while talking on the phone with my sister Barb, the flowers started dancing and Barb started yelping.  Stuff actually fell off her walls.  Another earthquake shook the northeast.  There was one in Colorado yesterday, too.  Strange stuff.


Courtney said...

I just read about another blogger who experienced an earthquake. I've been up to my elbows in the classroom, unpacking boxes. Your day sounds wonderful! Love the flowers. Hope all is well where you are!

......Thimblefolk.......Barb McNamara said...

"yelping? am I a dog?

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Sorry. No, your're not a dog . . . . how about yelling? But you didn't really yell . . . . . What would you call it?