Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene

I spent most of yesterday putting up awnings, taking down swings, moving lawn furniture and potted plants, filling water bottles, gathering flashlights and batteries, candles and matches.  I went to bed at 10, I was so exhausted.  This morning Pete and I did a few last minute things -- putting the canoe in the garage, buying some ice cream to go with our hurricane pie which I plan on making this evening.  We're as ready as we can be.  

The village is abuzz with activity.  Stores are boarding up windows and closing early and neighbors stop to chat about their preparations.  The atmosphere is, amazingly enough, very festive.  There's a real "we're all in this together" attitude, what you expect in a small community like this.  I have checked on my older friends to be sure they are set, and I have offered a watchful eye to those who can't be here to monitor their vacation homes.  

The air is thick and murky and the first rain drops are starting to fall.  I love to watch the weather from the safety my window, but Irene isn't supposed to arrive until midnight -- too late to view.   We'll see what daybreak brings on Sunday.  Stay safe and dry, wherever you are.


Orange Sink said...

I'd say you are more than ready with that hurricane pie!
STAY SAFE!! and I will be thinking and praying for you my friend as well as all those affected by Irene!
Cathy G

Courtney said...

Stay safe! We're a bit inland, but preparing nonetheless. We just brought in all the outdoor furniture and my two little tomato plant in pots, poor things. I hope we don't lose generator yet and we have a well and electric stove.

Lana said...

Thinking of you and your family, Sarah. Sounds like you have done everything to be prepared. Stay safe and I'll be back to read all about it.

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I really do love a storm, I must say, but I am glad Irene is not as strong as they said she could be! So far so good!