Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Economy is Definitely Improving

Wow!  What a Rhinebeck!  We had an amazing weekend!  We were so busy, I did not get many photographs.  I wasn't even able to take photos of our booth until Sunday morning after we had rearranged everything because we were decimated on Saturday!  I made double -- yes -- DOUBLE -- what I did last year.  Patterns and wool and Medici thread were flying out of the booth.  I had to take orders for patterns that I ran out of.  People who had come on Saturday emailed and called to buy things over the phone or internet.  It was crazy.

I have lots of things to talk about -- where we ate, what I bought, who we saw -- but I have orders to fill and I have to get more stuff done for the New England Fiber Festival the weekend after this coming one.  Eek! So here are a few photos and I will post again when I can . . . 

Yep.  That's a kangaroo.  


Julia said...

How wonderful that you doubled your sales this year.
It show that people can only go so long without buying wool items and I do hope that it's a sign that the economy is improving. I hope that the next one will be as good. Good luck.


Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Glad you did well at that show! I wanted to attend, but life conspired against it. Perhaps, I'll see you next year!
Michele, Woolly Mammoth Woolens

Karina said...

Really interesting posts. looking forward for more good works. thank you very much :)