Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Forms Group Show

 Prints by Joan Rogers:

 Will Paulson's amazing tables:

 Harvey Hellering photography:

 CC Bookout ceramics:

Sarah McNamara Fiber Arts:

I am sorry to say I neglected to get a photograph of Alice Van de Wetering and her jewelry.  My apologies, Alice.

Scottish Highland Cattle -- aka Hairy Coos -- at the Vineyard.  I love them!  They are very gentle.  I actually pet the biggest bull.  I bet their hair can be spun.

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Julia said...

Thanks for posting photos of the New Form Group Show. I hope that you did well selling your rugs.

You are brave to pet the biggest bull. We have a big Holstein bull that I raised from calf and he's pretty aggressive. He will let me pet him on the head but I wouldn't get in the pen with him.

I saw some Scottish Highland cattle grazing in the fields when I went to Scotland a while back. They sure have long pointy horns. JB