Thursday, January 27, 2011

Enough Already!

 Brussels sprouts in the snow

Another ten inches of snow last night!  We went to bed listening to the sleet pinging off the bedroom windows like bbs.  The phone woke us at 5:15 -- the local school has an automated phone system for school closings and they keep calling us -- even though our daughter hasn't been a student there for ten years!  They called again at 6:00 and at 6:30 . . .   Needless to say, the school is getting a call from me tomorrow when they reopen.

Hallock's Bay, Narrow River Road in Orient

The sun broke through this morning, but only for a little while.  Pete shoveled -- my back is funny today (how convenient, huh?) -- so Cairo could go out and play.  Not.  He hightailed it right back in the house, the little ninny.

Picnic, anyone?

The one good thing happening right now -- my jasmine is flowering.  It fills the whole house with its scent.  Just lovely.  If I close my eyes, I feel like I'm someplace exotic.  Yeah, right.  I can't wait for spring.


Kim said...

I agree - enough already! We got the same storm last night and this morning. I think you should call the school principal - at home - at 5:15 am. LOL

Orange Sink said...

I hope all your snow melts slowly...... they are already talking floods in MN. for this spring! OHHHH Jasmine is such a wonderful fragrance....... Your house must smell heavenly!
Cathy G

Cris said...

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John said...

oh boy! its snowing everywhere... glad that there were flowers like jasmine whose still blooming even in the weather like this.

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superman said...

Nice photos!
It looks so cool there!

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DL3 said...

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The photos of the snow are so peaceful and beautiful. i really like the one of the farm field.