Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tulip Time Again

 I can never resist the colorful bunches of tulips at the grocery store this time of year.  I need to see a splash of color against the snow outside the window.  Yesterday was bitter -- only 5 degrees for most of the day -- but the sun was brilliant and I could feel its warmth on my face when Cairo and I took our morning walk.  Today is dull, and it is snowing again, and Cairo wanted to hurry home as much as I did.

Cathy of Orange Sink wanted to know if that was my snowman rug pictured in yesterday's post.  Her question made me realize I should be more vigilant about giving credit where it is due.  The snowman rug, seen again below, was hooked by my friend Barbara, the basket maker.  It was designed by Kelly of Kankerdoodle, whose whimsical designs often feature an elongated kitty.

The other rug in yesterday's photos is a Searsport pattern and is, I think, being hooked by June.  The table of wool belongs to Louise, who is a certified McGown teacher.  Even I, with more wool than a sheep farm, couldn't resist buying a few pieces from her on Saturday. 

I am off to get some work done . . . 


Orange Sink said...

Thank-you! You know I thought that might be one of Kelley's patterns..... I love her designs! Great job to Barbara on the hooking!
Cathy G

Courtney said...

I think your snowman is great. I love the swirls in the sky!

alex said...

Great! so beautiful... keep it up and we will be waiting for your next post.

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John said...

Hey! Just bump in to your blog and I find it very interesting, your work are beautiful. thanks for sharing it here.

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chelsea said...


Nice post!

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