Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tune In To Tina!

I woke up not only to a winter wonderland, but also to a message from my friend Tina of g.woolikers!  She actually took responsibility for the snow storm which is still swirling outside my window.   She lives in warm and sunny Georgia, which is not so warm and sunny this week.  Anyway -- Tina has started a blog, which you can read and follow by clicking here: g.woolikers blog.  You can also visit her website and buy one of her fabulous patterns by clicking here: g.woolikers online store.

One of my favorite patterns is Winter is a Blast.  Tina hooked the background in a wonderful gold-y mustard-y wool and used that same wool to border the hooked part of the mat and then needle felted swirly snow on to the wool.  She's so clever!  This picture, taken at the Peconic Ruggers show back in October, really doesn't do the rug justice.  The background is actually rich and delicious.
 So: Go visit Tina and welcome her to the world of blogging!  I know she'll have lots of interesting things to say -- about life as well as rug hooking.  And I can tell you from personal experience that she has a marvelous sense of humor and adventure.  When you stop by, tell her Sarah sent you and tell her to give my best to Betty Ann.

And here are some more photos of the snowstorm:

Cairo refused to do his business until I shoveled.

My Umbrella Pine is not happy.
Anyone for a picnic?  This was shot out the back door at 6 am.  It's almost 1 pm here and it is still snowing!

Stay warm and safe everyone.


Gayle said...

Thanks for the headsup about the new blog!

Jeannie B. said...

Your house looks very cosy. But brr so cold!! Enjoyed visiting your blog!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Hi, Jeannie -- Glad you stopped by. Thankfully, that is not my house pictured above -- it is my old studio, now my husband's studio. It is a converted garage.

took a spin around your blog -- beautiful work!


Just A Normal Person.. said...

Please check out my blog.
Today's post is dedicated to a TRUE hero. Thank you.

chelsea said...

Great blog!
Nice photos too..

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Anonymous said...

It looks like the pine tree is frowning...
Stay Warm!

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