Monday, January 10, 2011

I Made It To The Centerfold!

What with all the hectic holiday hubbub, I forgot to post bout the latest issue of the Wool Street Journal.  It is chock full of fun stuff, as always, but I am extra-pleased with the addition of three pages about the Peconic Ruggers Rug Show held back in October.  I'm happy not only because my guild's hard work is there for all the world to see, but because Clara and I had our very first mother-daughter article published -- my words and Clara's photographs.  

I don't know how Bonnie managed to get these three pages to the printer in time, but she did it -- and I am grateful to her for her hard work.  I'm hoping this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship.  Thanks, Bonnie!

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Gayle said...

That was a great write-up, but I was sad when I read it because I spent a week on Long Island last summer and had no idea there were any rug hookers around! sigh - My BIL lives in Mastic - is that anywhere near you?

Peconic Ruggers said...

I have yet to get my copy. I'm so glad they used Clara's pictures and your article!! I cannot wait to see it!!!!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Hi Gayle!

We are not too far from Mastic -- another 20 minutes east on the LIE. My daughter actually swam at the Mastic Y for several years. There are actually 2 rug guilds here on Long Island -- the other meets at the OLD Bethpage Museum closer to the City. be sure to contact me the next time you come east and we'll hook at my house!


Julia said...

Congratulations Sarah on having your article published in The Wool Street Journal centerfold, and for having your daughter's pictures published also. I wish I could read it. All the best. JB said...

Great Sarah!!! Clara!!!

chelsea said...

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BONNIE said...

Hi Sarah!
It was a joy to be with all of you - I recall our time over and over - you would be tickled to know that when Tina and I came to the Peconic show I added the LI weather to my iPod - and I have never taken it off - so everyday, I check my weather here in Colorado Springs - the weather in Atlanta where three of my children and a pack of grans live - and Peconic! So I know when it is raining, snowing or shining... at your house.
I adore your blog and miss all of you - including your wonderful white puppy - Cairo. Such personality!!